How To Install A Sump Pump With Fully Setup

Replace a sump Pump

Last updated on December 30th, 2021 | By: Grady Galvez

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Installing the sump pump is undoubtedly an effective way to keep wet basement problems at bay. You can either carry out the installation process yourself or hire a professional for the seamless installation.

By collecting the floodwater in the sump pit, it pumps the water to the outdoor area thus letting its safe drainage. Installing it on your own is not that difficult. It calls for simple steps that need to be borne in mind.

These are- diagnosing the problem, finding the exact location, digging the hole for the sump, choosing the sump and the discharge pipe, and then, at last, giving a final test.

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After locating the exact point in your basement, dig a wide and deep hole so that it can easily sump pump. This can be done through a jackhammer or a sledge. Before fixing the sump, add a layer of gravel for the firm base.

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If the water needs to be drained out, it is quintessential that it has to be accumulated in the sump. Water from the channels located around the edges of the basement gets piped into the sump. However, you need to make sure that sump doesn’t get clogged with dirt and debris. This is possible by lining it up with a cavity.

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Once the water gets collected in the sump, the next step is to choose the pump through which the water will be removed from the sump. Good sump pumps come equipped with weep holes that allow the flow of water from sides as well as from beneath.

If in case, it doesn’t come equipped with holes, you can drill the holes by the DIY process. It must be sturdy and capacious enough to allow the voluminous water to flow through it. Now a day, most of the pumps are submersible. While some of them are pedestal.

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Once the sump pump removes the water from the sump pit, the water needs to be drained off to the main point. Here the need for a discharge pipe involves. You can use plastic pipes with secured joints. It safely drains the water far away from the basement.

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To ensure the effective functioning of the sump pump, check that the float valve can move freely up and down. Make sure nothing should obstruct it. Valve through which water moves away from the sump demands regular maintenance and check process.

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Once, all the aforementioned steps are done, carry out one final test. Put water in the sump pit and check if the valve is properly functioning and water reaches till pump. There should be no leakage in the pipe. Once everything is fixed, fit the sump cover. Next time, you don’t have to lose your peace of mind in case of a wet storm.

Engage in thorough research before beginning with carrying out the installation of a sump pump. If you find things a little more complicated, don’t worry. Call a professional and avail its assistance at highly affordable pricing.

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Certain guidelines are there for installing an outdoor sump pump which promote safety and keep the complete system effective.

We can take an example to understand:

1. It is obvious that if you connect an outside sump-pump drainage system to a storm sewer then you should avoid establishing a connection to a sanitary sewer. This is obvious due to health reasons.

2. For extra safety and health precautions it is recommended that you should select a system that features an anti-siphon device. This device will prevent any sort of back flow from the storm sewer.

Reduce any risk by avoiding to plug your power cord into an extension cord or ordinary outlet.

4. Setting up a GFCI outlet is advised. The GFCI- ground fault circuit interrupter are especially designed for preventing any electrical shock related risks.

5. Reduce any risk by avoiding to plug your power cord into an extension cord or ordinary outlet.

You can also lead the stagnant water to a storm drain or a lower part of your yard.

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Ans. Ever came across the situation, when you might be asking yourself, do I need to install a sump pump? The need to install sump pump arises in a varied number of cases- if your basement has flooded, if you want to protect your basement from water damage and mould growth, or if you live in a flat or low lying area that easily traps water.

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Ans. After entering the basement, the water reaches the lowest point. Here the sump pit is located where the water gets collected after being filtered from dirt and debris. After it reaches a certain level, it is pumped using the sump pump and then flows outside through a sturdy pipe.

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Ans. To keep the sump pump function in the long run, you need to engage in its regular maintenance. Often one needs to be utmost careful during its installation process. Rationally deal with the power outage problem by keeping a backup generator in your home.

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